Monday, 6 December 2010

What is it that makes geography graduates so employable?

I am indebted to Richard Garner for writing so lucidly and informatively about geography in last Thursday's edition of the 'Independent' ( 2nd December).  This writer poses the question that in a tough job climate what is it about those with geography degrees that makes them so employable?

Addressing the gender divide - making the case for Physics

If one accepts what futurologists tells us that retention of STEM subjects provides one with the best opportunity to be employed in the high end skilled sector of work in the years ahead, then it is indeed encouraging to read this piece from the Joint Council for Qualifications published at the beginning of September.
Physics: number of A-level entrants soars beyond 30K

Check out these interesting resources and downloads

Two diagnostic online career tools GRO and CareerUnlocker are being launched by the Careers Advisory Service (CAS) at the university of Reading. These take a holistic view of career development learning (CDL) and Personal Development Planning (PDL) and are available FREE of charge.

Apprenticeships - Opening doors to a better future!

As careers teachers we are all currently concerned with the competition for places irrespective of whichever option our young people are considering post-16.  In an earlier piece written on apprenticeship, I encouraged careers teachers to provide a noticeboard, prominently placed in the school, specifically detailing opportunities for national apprenticeship applications.

Career opportunities highlighted within the Sector Skills Councils (SSC)

In Career Guidance Today Volume 18.3 July 2010 Helen Barrett, Careers Executive, GoSkills, makes a strong case for considering passenger transport as a potential career area to research and reflect upon especially as there may be exciting opportunities for young people in such varied field as
designing transport systems, engineering high speed trains, or directing aircraft.

Entrepreneurship - Encouragement to make a job, not take a job!

A number of interesting articles have crossed my path recently confirming what many writers, economists and politicians, commenting on the parlous state of the current economy, feel is perhaps the best way forward out of the current recession. The message coming out is more encouragement for all to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

Half of women believe their gender affects chances of being hired

I came across this interesting piece of research from the Institute of Career Guidance (ICG) news and felt that it would be a useful stimulus to provoke discussion and debate on issues of gender especially as it relates to one of the six KS4 LLW Statements of Minimum Entitlement - Investigate recruitment and retention, rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Arguably, this challenging topic of equality and diversity in the workplace should be an integral part of any careers teachers' 14 to 19 CEIAG programmes of work.