Monday, 14 September 2009

STEM Conference to focus on Careers in Food, Environmental & Land-Based Industries

At the upcoming STEM conference for Careers Teachers in early October, IMPROVE and LANTRA Sector Skills Council will introduce a wide range of career opportunities for young people within the food & drink and environmental & land based  industries. The STEM conferences offer teachers a unique opportunity to highlight ONE of the 25 Sector Skills on their careers notice-board so that young people are reminded of the opportunities, both local and further afield, that lie within each sector.

More companies encouraged to take on 'young workers.'

In an attempt to stave off the 'lost generation' of young people affected by the recession, the Government has called on both public and private sector employers to consider taking on young apprentices. At the beginning of September 2009, an extra 85,000 jobs and training opportunities were announced as part of a British government drive to stem the rising tide of youngsters joining the dole queue.

Preparing for Interview

Young people in Sixth Form need the benefits of continuous practice in rehearsing key interview techniques given that demand for entry into competitive third level courses requires them to demonstrate motivation and commitment at interview level.

Importance of Maths at GCSE level

From my career guidance work with young people over the past month I have been encouraging them to ensure that they can attain at least level "B" grade at GCSE.