Saturday, 26 September 2009

Modern Languages - is it over for German?

In her article in the 'Guardian' (22/09/09), Jessica Shepherd asks if it's all over for German.

Queens University, Belfast has ruled that this year's 20 undergraduates studying German will be its last. It states that student demand is 'unsustainably low'.The language will continue as an extra curricular study.  In October, the University of Leicester will debate a proposal from senior management to close its German department in 2013. Just 64 out of 116 universities in the UK are offering German as part of a degree.The subject has been available at UK universities for the past 125 years! In the 1950's it was particularly popular.The number of students taking German at both GCSE and A-level continues to drop.

Does Subject Choice really determine life chances?

Is university entrance now the real National Lottery? Trevor Fisher, Head of History at a Midlands Tertiary College writing in 'the Independent' (17/9/09) is posing this question in the light of changes to A Level grading in 2010 and the lack of consistency regarding university entrance requirements.

Rebranding Bournemouth University

In the early 80's when my sixth form students were searching for a higher education course that would address their interest in the burgeoning tourism and leisure industries, many were drawn to the attractions of the Bournemouth course despite its polytechnic status back then.  Today, Bournemouth is a flourishing university on the sunny south coast - a World Heritage coastline. Such beauty is mirrored in its many high quality academic offerings.