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Resources and downloads

The Guardian newspaper is embarking on an exciting new project that will give teachers access to 70,000 pages of lesson plans and modern interactive teaching materials, absolutely free. From Saturday 15.02.2011 any teacher can access the vast repository of free resources read more

The resources include;

  • Whiteboard activities
  • Extensive video and game-style content
  • Animated Guardian materials

All the content is developed by classroom teachers to address specific curriculum objectives and all has been designed by skilled web developers to run easily and work simply.

The reason the material has been made available is that the future for digital learning will lie, not in 'solid state' material, but in the content that individual teachers and students can manipulate and order to suit their own needs, in their own time.

It's now up to teachers to build and adapt the material to suit themselves. Registration is easy.  To sign up go to the following website read more


Careers Advice magazine - new for 2011!

Get Smaart digital e-magazine out now. Forward to your students by

  • emailing to their dedicated school email address
  • forwarding to link to your tech department to put on school intranet/website
For more information read more

We're celebrating careers guidance from 7th - 11th March

For a whole week in March Careersbox, the National Careers Film Library, will be celebrating the world of careers advice and guidance and we hope that you will be able to celebrate it with us.

Each day we will be sending you free careers resources and case study films to help you promote the importance of quality IAG and to inspire a new wave of job seekers as they take their first steps into the world of work.

Involving Parents in careers

Parents are one of the key influencers to students, especially as they venture into the job market for the first time. That's why we want you to let them know about our Parent Careers Club read more 

This Careers Week we want to help by giving parents better resources and increasing their understanding about education routes and careers.

Bridging the gap between education and employment

In our January update Careerbox asked you to tell us which employers you would most like to engage with. The response was fantastic and we were able to link up a number of schools with their chosen employers. City of Bath College told us they wanted to engage with Dyson and the BBC, and we made it happen.

If you are keen to engage with a local employer let us know by contacting read more

Exclusive apprenticeship news!

After a successful Apprenticeship week earlier this month (February) we are delighted to exclusively reveal that BT will be recruiting for a number of apprenticeships across their business with start dates in September. Students can register their interest for these forthcoming opportunities now at read more

Full details will be available in March. Until then you can check out the 'BT Value of Apprenticeships' film and, if you've not seen it already, our 'Understanding Apprenticeships' information film too.

And finally... we've recently made searching our library of films easier with a list of all the job profiles which you can work your way through to find the role of most interest to you.

The latest issue of Connect Magazine is now available

Our free magazine is packed full of news and articles especially for everyone involved with the environmental and land-based industries read more

Each issue keeps you up-to-date with the things that matter to you and your business, such as training, funding and career opportunities.

Our latest issue includes stories about:

• Q and A with Lantra's new Chair - Find out more about Valerie Owen OBE

• All about Apprenticeships - A special feature discussing how Apprenticeships work and why you should get involved

• Plus many more news stories

Read the latest issue of Connect Magazine or check out the past issues in our online archive.  

Educators Explore Hospitality and Tourism Trends

Representatives from colleges and training providers across Northern Ireland learnt about the latest trends and issues in hospitality and tourism, as the penultimate module of People 1st's Hospitality and Tourism Educators Programme took place last month.

The event, held in Templepatrick, explored trends including social media, food tourism and green tourism. It also included presentations from Martin-Christian Kent, People 1st's research and policy director, who explained the findings of the recent sector skills assessment for Northern Ireland, and Michael Gould, assistant director of the Department for Employment and Learning's skills and industry division, who advised on the latest policies and strategies.

The Hospitality and Tourism Educators programme was developed by People 1st and the Learning and Skills Development Agency, with funding support from the Department for Employment and Learning, to strengthen links between education and industry in Northern Ireland.

The programme is designed for senior managers involved in planning the strategic, practical and long-term development needs of the hospitality and tourism education and training sector. It aims to expose its participants to leading-edge thinking, and develop best practice in training, education and curriculum development that will meet industry needs.

The final module of the programme, covering ‘action planning,' will take place next month.

For more information on the programme, contact read more 

 Have your say...

Don't forget, we really want your feedback and can't wait to hear your views. Make your opinions heard by getting in touch now. Read more

If Talent has been forwarded to you but you would like to receive it directly to your inbox, please let us know by emailing read more

Preview The Brand New UKSP!

Employers, employees, job seekers and training providers can now get a sneak preview of People 1st's new UKSP website, providing information, advice and guidance on careers, training and vacancies in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism.

To celebrate Apprenticeship Week (7-11 February) the UKSP team has created an apprenticeship microsite with information and advice for both apprentices and employers, which also includes a short video trailer of the brand-new UKSP website!

You can view the apprenticeship microsite at read more  and, by clicking the ‘sign up' option, you will receive an email as soon as the new site is ready to go! Alternatively, you can watch the video trailer on YouTube.

Find out more about all the fantastic resources the new UKSP has to offer, including:

• Career map – a quick and visual guide to the different paths through 14 vibrant industries

• Good Employers – profiles of leading employers committed to training and development

• Vacancies – registered Good Employers can post their latest vacancies

• Talent search – job seekers can promote themselves to Good Employers by publicising their profile

• Industry profiles – detailed overviews of the industries and their Good Employers

• Skills assessment – identifying skills gaps and the best training solutions to fill them

All this and much more on the brand-new – coming soon!

Tourism Top of the Agenda in Armagh

The wealth of career opportunities offered by the growing hospitality and tourism industry in Northern Ireland were showcased at a careers event, entitled ‘Think Tourism NI,' in Armagh last month (January).

The event, held at Armagh Public Library, was the first in a series of career awareness events organised by People 1st.

It was attended by careers teachers from schools in Armagh and members of the Department for Employment and Learning careers service, who learnt about the increasing number of jobs being created in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Guest speaker Brian Johnston, tourism development officer at Armagh City and District Council, informed the audience about the tourism developments in Armagh, including the St. Patrick's/Christian Heritage Signature Project. He also reinforced the importance of tourism to the city - in 2009 it was valued at £38 million, with over 600 jobs in the region supported by tourism.

In addition, Dean Coppard, local chef and proprietor of Uluru Bistro in Armagh, shared his knowledge and passion for the hospitality industry.

Commenting on the event, Carol Conlin from Armagh Public Library said: “We were delighted to host the Think Tourism NI event as it provided vital information on careers within Armagh's tourism industry. The library is a major visitor attraction and our next venture, the former registry in No 5 Vicars' Hill, will be opened shortly. Therefore, we want to ensure there is an adequate workforce to maintain and grow the hospitality and tourism industry in the city.”

People 1st's Northern Ireland manager, Roisin McKee, explained the events importance:

 “To achieve the predicted growth of tourism in Northern Ireland of 4.5million visitors, with revenue of £1 billion by 2020, it is crucial that we build tourism skills and have a dedicated workforce.

“The Think Tourism NI event was an excellent way of interacting with those in the careers advice service, to ensure they can inform people in Armagh about the career options available in the tourism sector.”

For more information about Think Tourism NI visit read more 

The Think Tourism NI event was funded by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) as part of the Future Skills Action Group.

E-Skills Update 

Get up-to-date on what's happening in the sector, including employment trends, skills issues facing employers and the long-term outlook for the industry.

'Technology Insights 2011' shows technology professional workforce needs 110,000 new recruits this year

Our latest research, published this week, shows employment in the IT industry is set to grow at five times the national average over the next decade, playing a vital role in underpinning economic recovery.

The report shows that demand for IT and Telecoms professionals has increased over the last year. 1.5 million people are currently employed in the IT and Telecoms workforce - equivalent to 1 in every 20 people employed in the UK. 40% of technology professionals are employed in the IT and Telecoms industry itself, while the remainder are spread across every other sector of the economy.

And this demand is set to continue. Employment in the IT and Telecoms industry over the next decade is forecast to grow at 2.19% per annum, nearly five times faster than the UK average, with over half a million new IT and Telecoms professionals needed over the next five years.

This year alone, the IT and Telecoms workforce will require 110,000 new entrants to keep up with demand. Almost half of these will be individuals employed in other occupations moving into IT and Telecoms, while 17% will need to come directly from education.

Just 19% of IT and Telecoms professionals are now under 30

The new research identifies some worrying trends. The proportion of IT professionals under 30 has declined from 33% in 2001 to only 19% in 2010, as the sector increasingly favours experienced workers from other sectors over young recruits from the education system. At the same time, the proportion of those over 50 has almost doubled to 17%.

It also shows that gender remains a significant issue , with women making up just 18% of the IT professional workforce.

Find out about IT Apprenticeships as a great way for employers to develop the next generation of technology professionals

Technology can give £50 billion uplift to the economy

There is good news for the UK economy in 'Technology Insights 2011'. The report shows that technology is the most powerful lever the UK can employ to drive growth and innovation across the whole economy.

While the IT and Telecoms industry alone already contributes £81 billion per annum to the UK economy, 9% of gross value added, 'Technology Insights' finds that by exploiting the full potential of technology, the rest of the UK economy could be boosted by an additional £50 billion over the next 5 to 7 years.

"Continued investment in the IT and theTelecoms sector, and into the skills of those working in it, is vital to securing the UK's economic future."

e-skills UK has published the latest issue of our Labour Market Bulletin, the definitive source of information about changes in the demand/supply of ICT labour and skills in the UK.

A continued decline in the number of 'ready candidates' for ICT positions and an increase in the number of jobs on offer meant increased competition for recruiters during the second quarter of 2010. Advertised rates for ICT staff rose slightly as a result, though actual earnings remained unchanged on the previous quarter.

Key findings also include:

• The number of advertised vacancies for ICT staff rose for the fourth consecutive quarter to 94,000 positions, even as the count of 'ready candidates' (in/out of work ICT staff that were seeking new/additional jobs) declined to 112,000.

• However, the incidence of ICT skills shortages remains at an historically low level, and just 12% of ICT recruiters stated that they had experienced difficulty filling ICT posts during the previous quarter due to a lack of candidates with the required skills, qualifications or experience.

• Long term increases in the demand for certain occupations continue, and as a result, in the near future it may become less easy to recruit for:

  • Systems Auditors

  • Systems Developers/ Senior Systems Developers

  • Business Analysts/Senior Business Analysts

  • Projects Managers

  • Senior Test Analysts

  • Development Team Leaders

• A number of skills were also associated with longer term demand increases and/or above average advertising durations, such as: Sybase; MVS; Coldfusion; Pegasus; Assembler; Axapta and DSP

• The unemployment rate for ICT staff fell to 3.4%, with a comparison figure of 8.3% for the workforce as a whole.

Check out Industry News @ Read more

The following  new websites are worth checking out:

Financial Sector:

New resources available.....

The Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) has created a large range of multi-media resources specifically for use by careers advisers. These include the following:

• 24 videos providing real-life case studies about working in finance, accountancy and financial services in Northern Ireland

• 20 qualification maps which show how to enter and progress a career in over twenty different careers options in Northern Ireland

• 30 new job profiles which have been tailored and contextualised for careers in Northern Ireland

• Click here to access the full suite of resources.

The development of these resources was funded by Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland and form part of the FSP Northern Ireland Careers Project and is free of charge for you to use. The FSP is the new name for the Financial Services Skills Council and promotes finance, accountancy and financial services as a career of first choice. The new website address read more

Directions – free online careers guide

The Directions online careers guide provides specialist information on careers in finance, accountancy and financial services. The Directions team works closely with employers to provide the most accurate and relevant information to individuals wanting to enter or progress their career in the sectors. Use our new look interactive online High Street profiling over 75 jobs.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for advice and guidance professionals

Directions offers support to careers professionals to help you develop your own granular understanding and knowledge about careers in the sector. For more information visit our services for advice and guidance professionals.

Careers events

We take finance, accountancy and financial services directly to students by delivering careers events. For more information visit our events section on Directions.

Directions e-bulletin

The Directions e-bulletin provides monthly updates on developments in education and training, access to the latest news, research and labour market information as well as revised Directions careers information, along with details of professional development events for education professionals. Register now.

The new website address for Directions read more 

Please promote and use this address in your own materials to signpost information seekers to our free online resources.

Contact us on

Writing an IT Curriculum Vitae (CV) provides advice for all those students applying to read medicine at Oxford/Cambridge, from the development of personal statements to the BMAT tests and preparation for the selection interviews.

What do you want to be when you Grow Up?

The advertising spiel for this particular website reads as follows;

WYGU is a social careers guidance, development and mentoring platform that helps you find your perfect career , or help others develop theirs. Whether you're looking for advice or have advice to give, WYGU is the place to learn about careers, share experiences, develop contacts and join the discussion, giving you a real advantage in the job market. To sign up read more 

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